• Tufi

    Tufi is a far-flung, pristine area situated in Oro Province just right at the tip of Cape Nelson. It is just 60 minutes flight away from Port Moresby which features incredible crossing over the Owen Stanley Ranges. Tufi has been referred as the tropics’ Scandinavia. The amazing fjords weren’t really created by icy glaciers, rather made by the 3 prehistoric volcanic eruptions.

    Tufi offers incredible marine diversity and a range of dive encounters such as fjord, wreck and reef diving. The low water close to the harbor has a few amazing creature subjects, letting for excellent photo shoots. The clear, calm and preserved waters of the fjords offer great snorkeling and diving conditions. The breathtaking diversity of marine life which includes mandarin fish, nudibranch, pygmy seahorses, gobies, clams, shrimps, ghost pipe fish and a lot of other exhilarating creatures are just few of the highlight of Tufi. Pelagics includes manta rays, turtles, dog fin tuna are also spotted somewhere in Tufi. The production of magnificent coral growth in the fjords is due to the lack of current movement. The inclining wall is blanketed with sponges as well as shelf coral species which grow creatively.

    Tufi’s general visibility is more than 30 meters that has average water temperature of 26°C to 30°C all year round. Tufi is also a home to World War 2 wrecks such as aircrafts, ships, PT boats and tanks. The following are the popular dive sites in Tufi.

    1. PT Boats. You can find 2 PT boats that were submerged in 1942 during an air raid. There can be found beneath a couple of live torpedoes which are completely in one piece.
    2. Wreck of the S Jacob. Standing on the bottom at around 60 meters of water. It is indisputably among the most beautiful wreck dive sites that can be accessed by advanced deep divers only. You can find several fish species that dwell the wreck which includes giant groupers, whale sharks, mantas and sharks.
    3. Cyclone Wall. It is 7-meter vertical walls that fall down to past 40 meters where it inclines way past your vision. The walls are bedecked with vibrant lichens, and soft and hard corals.
    4. Mulloway. It is among the best dive sites in Tufi. The current is generally strong. Rays, reef sharks, hammerheads and schools of pelagic frenetically are looking for food within this dive site.