Port Moresby

  • Port Moresby

    Another great and excellent diving site in Papua New Guinea is the Port Moresby. Port Moresby was being known as the best capital city in the world when it comes to diving. You don’t need to go far in diving before you reach Port Moresby, since it is near in Papua New Guinea. Some of the excellent attractions in Port Moresby are the lush reefs and wrecks. There are various families of fish living in the entire diving site. Port Moresby has a 30 charted dive sites which divers probably enjoy and love diving.

    Lacy scorpion fish and carpet sharks would be seen in Port Moresby which helps to add appeal and catch the attention of the divers and a perfect example in photography. Some of the families of carpet sharks include leopard sharks, wobbegongs and Epaulettes. Two of the best diving sites in Port Moresby are in End Bommie and Suzie’s Bommie wherein critters can be found. In End Bommie diving sites lovely large seafans that would cover the entire wall of the sites.

    Since current in this were very strong that food would be abundant which may lead different big species were living and growing this particular diving site. Lacy scorpionfish is one of the excellent attractions underwater with the bright and multi-coloured costumes and even leopard sharks also found here. In Suzie’s Bommie, another enchanting and amusing diving sites wherein different creatures and marine lives to be found that may rises around 30 m to 10 m. In some areas of Suzie’s Bommie live in the seafans for Pygmy seahorses. Big numbers of Napoleon Wrasse and schools of fusiliers were being present.

    In a shallow area lionfish and stonefish were being found. There are also eagle rays, mobulas and manta rays. Grey reef sharks and bronze whalers and silvertip sharks seen in this sites but occasionally especially this would be advantage to those who love see sharks. Tiger sharks were seldom to be seen underwater. Definitely your entire diving activities will be very satisfied. With the extravagant and amazing sea creatures, marine lives and soft corals and reefs you would not regret this moments. Port Moresby was certainly a spectacular and blessed dive sites in Papua New Guinea.

    Dive sites characteristics:
    Average depth: 3m
    Max depth: 10.7 m/
    Current low: 1 knot
    Dive Experience Level: CMAS/OW
    Visibility: 30 m
    Bio interest: outstanding
    Dive type: reef
    Dive site activities: marine biology and photography
    Dangers: depth