Father’s Reef

  • Father’s Reef

    Wanting to dive together with lovely marine lives and with the beautiful corals and reefs underwater, then fathers’ reef is one of these diving sites. Father’s reef is one of the most common diving sites in Papua New Guinea. It is a kind of reefs in an open ocean. Father’s Reef was located at the northeast of Kimbie bay. Father’s reef known as one of the most popular common diving sites since there are different marine lives and sea creatures living here. Silvertip, grey reef sharks and barracudas are some of the best amazing creatures in the entire diving sites.

    Aside from the marine lives and creatures living in the entire sites, various formations of corals and reefs and the invertebrate live were spectacular and stunning. Certainly on your diving activities, you would probably feel attraction and find irresistible of what you experience and seen underwater. This is a good and delightful site for the photographers and even sea lovers. Aside from the huge families of fishes, there are also small fishes wherein the corals were being made as their home. Damselfish, angels and fairy basslets were also present in fathers’ reef.

    Spanish mackerel and schooling jacks also add attraction in the entire diving sites. The unexpected marine creatures to be seen were also growing in father’s reef like the octopus. You would take pleasure and benefit from the snorkelling together with the spinner dolphins. The entire diving sites which are located at the northeast of Kimbie bay which is about 26 km from the island called Lolobau which is surrounded with the pleasant and agreeable soft corals and reefs and the gorgonians. Dolphins to be found in father’s reef were playful together with the shark species such as hammerhead and silvertips.

    A diver who already experience and enjoy diving in fathers reef diving sites really is. You can guarantee that you would get hundred percent gratification and satisfaction as you visit and experience the one of the most popular diving sites in Papua New Guinea. The unusual and surprising marine creatures and the strange corals and reefs, probably you would not regret it and certainly you made love and treasure the moment.

    Dive sites characteristics:
    Average depth: 15m/ 49.2 ft
    Max depth: 50 m/ 164 ft
    Current low: 1 knot
    Visibility: 30 m
    Dive Experience Level: all divers
    Bio interest: outstanding
    Dive type: wall and reef
    Dive site activities: marine biology and photography
    Dangers: depth