Dive sites

  • Papua New Guinea Dive Sites

    -Nothing can defeat the perfect site that can only be found in Papua New Guinea or PNG. A best place to capture and being visited by numerous photographers around the globe. Diving to its underwater paradise is a once in a lifetime experience that will develop a picture on your mind as you appreciate and salute to its extravagance and perfectness.

  • Eastern Fields

    Eastern Fields

    Eastern Fields are real oceanic reef systems which lies a few 100 miles of southern Port Moresby and northern Coral Sea. Like any other oceanic reefs, the Eastern Fields appear to surge coming from the abyssal absolute depths.

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  • Father’s Reef

    Father’s Reef

    Wanting to dive together with lovely marine lives and with the beautiful corals and reefs underwater, then fathers’ reef is one of these diving sites. Father’s reef is one of the most common diving sites in Papua New Guinea. It is a kind of reefs in an open ocean.

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  • Kavieng


    Kavieng is a long narrow island which is about 90 minutes away from Port Moresby via plane. It is located at the northern point of New Ireland Province.

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  • Kimbie Bay

    Kimbie Bay

    Kimbe Bay is actually a significant, well-defined gulf which is about 140 km by 70 and consists of among the list of world’s most diversified tropical underwater habitats, which includes shallow coral reefs, sea grasses and mangroves; and deepwater underwater environments which includes seamounts and oceanic waters in close vicinity.

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  • Milne Bay

    Milne Bay

    Milne Bay Province begins at Collingwood Bay located at the North coast within the mainland of Papua New Guinea and features the mythical Trobriand Islands, as well as the D’Entrecasteaux and Louisiade Archipelagos toward the East and then ends around the South coast located at Orangerie Bay.

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  • Port Moresby

    Port Moresby

    Another great and excellent diving site in Papua New Guinea is the Port Moresby. Port Moresby was being known as the best capital city in the world when it comes to diving.

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  • Rabaul


    Rabaul is situated to the east of New Britain province of Papua New Guinea. It is 2 hours away via plane from the Port Moresby. Rabaul Harbor was established when a prehistoric volcanic caldera collapsed to some extent many years ago, letting the sea to cross the threshold.

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  • Tufi


    Tufi is a far-flung, pristine area situated in Oro Province just right at the tip of Cape Nelson. It is just 60 minutes flight away from Port Moresby which features incredible crossing over the Owen Stanley Ranges. Tufi has been referred as the tropics’ Scandinavia. The amazing fjords weren’t really created by icy glaciers, rather made by the 3 prehistoric volcanic eruptions.

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  • West New Britain

    West New Britain

    West New Britain is pretty much far-fletched, untouched and mysterious. It is a perfect location amidst pristine tropical forest, covered with a chain of volcanoes most of which remain to be active.

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  • Witu Islands

    Witu Islands

    Witu Islands are formerly called as French Islands and can be oftentimes called as Vitu Islands. These islands are a small group of volcanic reef-ringed islands situated within the archipelago of Bismarck, Papua New Guinea within the Southwest Pacific.

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